Late last Christmas recap

Hey! I hope everyone's 2016 has been happy, healthy, successful and certainly not as cold as the one we have experienced here in Estonia. Because -30°C simply complicates your everyday life. You have to heat the house like the doomsday's just around the corner, you must warm up your freezing car every single time you want to use it and of course dress like someone who put on almost every single truly warm piece they had at home. Luckily the temperatures have eased for the moment but who knows for how long, and now we're having very frequent snowfalls or blizzards instead. So, long whiny story short - I just want spring, summer or and our sub-tropical honeymoon trip to come quicker.

But for the time being let's move back to those warmer days we had during last Christmas because it's recap time! And I'm going to share some cool presents, our tree and other Christmassy details captured at home. You can also see how incredibly springlike and viridescent Estonia was back then, how our own garden appeared and last but not least - how our mostly rainy 5-km-long bog and swamp hike looked like.

So, let's begin with group 1 - the classic Christmas snaps taken at the house (below ) and the partial presents report (above) . Collage 1 - Iittala special - Tanssi paper napkins and the tin box are Christmas presents but the coffee cups and saucers we purchased already before Christmas. And our little Tanssi collection has as many as 10 proud members now.
Collage 2 - Christmas presents from fascinating Estonian brands - a Valhalla Factory ylang-ylang aroma candle and a sweet honey soap by Sõsar. And a quick group photo too.
Collage 3 - Edible and kitchen goodies - Christmas towels and an apron, sweets, mustard sauce with dill and honey, handmade date and walnut cake and a glass casserole for our new oven.
Collages 4, 5 and 6 - our Christmassy living room, the sparkling tree, a few simple decorations and our delicious December 25 table for just the two of us. And finally a very serious Elvis on a December 23 road trip which will also be mentioned in the next group of photos.

Secondly comes group 2 and for starters two snaps from our December 23 road trip to visit E's paternal grandparents. And then a very green Christmas Eve with my cosy outfit from the special day which we spent at my husband's parents' place. Plus a small December 26 collage from our own garden with blooming pansies, serene parsley and lavender and hibernating greenhouse.

I really miss our abnormally warm and green winter by the way because all that snow and cold simply aren't my cup of tea. Which doesn't mean I'm not going to share photos of it here in the blog (since it can be exceptionally photogenic!). I'm just not doing it today because right now I love that green dream.

Anyway, thirdly comes group 3 from December 25 when we conquered the Selli-Sillaotsa 4.7-km-long study trail. Beautiful, fragrant pine grove, watery transitional Laeva swamp, a swamp island, Sillaotsa bog, another transitional swamp, more swamp islands - this is how our route evolved through footpaths and plank roads. And it's incredible how warm it was, felt like spring! But it was also rainy, moist and gloomy so if you want to see more photos you should explore this old blog post because August 6 2011 was the day we first visited this versatile trail.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this snow free, springlike Christmas post because next time arrives reality and our actual weather conditions embellished with snow, snow and some more snow. And a few nice purchases too, including my very first Moschino handbag! But for the time being I'm curious if there are any Disqus-specialists among my readers? If yes, let me know who you are because I have a few questions. And of course see you in the next post!