February - outfits, hauls and Valentine's Day

Hello hello! For a change I have a very short and simple post for you today. It's mostly about the ongoing hasty February but with only one tiny exception - my first, very casual outfit below dates back to the last weekend of January. Among other things I was wearing my top notch Timberland boots, current favourite bag and jacket and a quite recent, totally brilliant thrift shop treasure - this gorgeous checkered Tommy Hilfiger blouse which cost ridiculous 3.40€. I absolutely adore the pastel green and purple colour scheme against the background of my powder pink jacket!

Guess beanie, leggings and leather gloves | thrifted scarf | thrifted Tommy Hilfiger blouse | Saddler leather belt from granny's closet | FB Sister jacket | Love Moschino bag | Timberland boots.

So, on February 11 mom and I visited this warehouse style bargain sale here in our miniature hometown. They sell second hand goods but also brand new leftover stuff from Finnish Lidl - decent brands like Esmara, Livergy, Auriol, Ernesto and more. I spent 18€ there and got the following brand new things: Esmara two tops set (1), Pieces earrings (2), Crivit sweatpants (3), Livergy pajamas set for E (4), XZ 2in1 Muumi shampoo because it's just too cute (5), Livergy men's cardigan for me (6), skull shaped candy (7), Auriol watch (8), Ernesto sushi plates (9) and Ernesto soy sauce dishes (10). It indeed felt like Christmas all over again! And next time we can serve sushi on proper dishes which is a great success. By the way, do you guys also have such bargain sales in your hometown?

Anyway, next comes my 2016's seed haul in four small groups: (1) yellow beetroot "Burpees Golden", Japanese greens mix, radish "Jõgeva 169", carrot "Nantes 2"; (2) pea micro greens/pea shoots for growing young leaflets, cherry tomato "Minibel", muscat pumpkin "Muscat de Provence", cucumber "Junak"; (3) carrot "Flakker", tomato "Marmande", onions "De Brunswick" type, "Rijnsburger 2" and "De Paris"; (4) patio container seed disks with cherry tomato "Tiny Tim", chili pepper "Hungarian Hot Wax" and strawberry "Baron".

Right now I'm waiting for the sprouting of "Minibel" (another cherry tomato called "Bajaja" from last season is already out and growing!). I also sowed some paprika and pepper yesterday. And obviously I can't wait for the proper spring and gardening season to already arrive!

And last but not least my Valentine's Day (and lately many other days') outfit from last weekend. I was wearing four pieces from the bargain sale I was just previously talking about. And as you can see snow has unfortunately returned big time. But the goal for our little road trip on February 14 was getting this baby pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. I'm already stocking up on its film because obviously this baby is coming to Spain with us! If you're interested in the camera you can discover their official web page here. Oh and do any of you already have this pile of coolness?

Pieces earrings + silver dot earrings from the husband | thrifted scarf | Livergy (men's) cardigan | Esmara top | Auriol watch | thrifted Zara jeans | Timberland boots.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and brief photo post! I still have my Japan Candy Box waiting for a sunny weekend when I can finally photograph its contents and maybe even do some tasting with the husband. And I should also work on We got married - part 3 which is patiently sitting in the drafts right now. Our couple photoshoot is definitely worth sharing here, so why not for our six month anniversary on March 5? Anyway, see you guys in the next post!


Snowy stories (January recap)

Happy February, guys! It is the shortest month of the year but for me it already seems to be the most packed one as well. Several public procurement training courses in the capital town, manicure, hairdresser, a couple of doctor's appointments, Shrove Tuesday, Independence Day, E's grandmother's 75th jubilee, the long-awaited return of The Walking Dead and more are approaching. But on the other hand the busier the better because our exciting trip in April comes even quicker then! And I'm already super anxious to soon sow this year's first seeds too! But what I have for you today is basically the recap of our snowy January, including a small haul, photos taken in the countryside, at our own place and during a couple of shopping trips.

So let's begin with eight useful goodies bought in January. First come the six I snatched during January 9 and 10 shopping trips in Tartu: a lovely wintry pillow and cool leopard gloves from Tiger, the prettiest magazine I've ever seen in my life - Daphne's Diary, fierce tiger slippers from a supermarket's men's section, Guess beanie from Denim Dream and the cutest panda hoodie from the husband. That panda has a soft fur coat by the way and I will definitely show it to you in my future outfit posts!

Anyhow, on January 16 we briefly visited our capital town and Stockmann where after highly thorough and long-lasting choosing and the husband's slightly ruined nerves I finally picked out a Love Moschino handbag which came with a groovy foulard as a bonus. I'm in love with its firm shape and textured leather. But I found only one place where they sell it online, the shop's called Cuoieria and it's located here. Oh and I quickly gave away two old bags from my collection to properly balance the bag situation.

But now about the freshest and most needed winter purchase from January 23 - my wonderful Timberland boots from Sportland. I searched and searched and finally tracked them down from where? From the children's section! It's a miracle because I'm actually a bigfoot. They're not the typical ones everyone else seems to have, they don't have annoying laces or zippers, they're truly waterproof and of course super comfortable. In short a big big ♥. By the way, I'm curious which was your latest best purchase?

Moving on with the countryside photos now. At the beginning of January snow started to arrive, thrivingly, and our surroundings looked like a true winter wonderland for weeks. So we visited my grandparents in the middle of the snowy woods and took a couple of wintry walks there. I also did some ice-skating and absolutely enjoyed it and E did some filming. We watched the birds, harassed the cat a little and talked about spring and sowing the first seeds in February. I've already bought 7 new packs of seeds by the way and can show you those if you guys happen to be interested.

Anyway, last but not least comes one very miscellaneous bunch of photos: something taken at home and something during a quick January 10 shopping trip to Tartu. So first you can see a couple of typical play and relaxation poses from our amusing little Elvis. And then some sweet macaroons my mom brought me because I gave her a thrifted Fiorelli bag she really loved. And then of course our very first self-made sushi which was unbelievably delicious and in my humble opinion looked quite skilful as well. I ordered our sushi making kit through this site and we used salmon, cucumber and avocado as our fillings. By the way, the ones who love sushi - which are your favourite (no sea creature except salmon) fillings?

And finally our sunny Sunday shopping trip to Tartu. On our way back home we came across a pack of roe deer, four beautiful animals. And then we took some nature and outfit photos in a hilly location I really love and which you also saw in my previous post. Oh and today all the snow is already gone. It came with January and also left with it during last week. I'm not sad it's gone but it's still nice to look back on those white, crisp, picturesque days. My outfit is an everyday cold weather outfit by the way, layered, very simple and cosy.

Guess beanie | Emporio Armani sunnies | Levi's winter jacket | thrifted scarf | Luxero knit jacket | thrifted Wrangler button-down | Detroit denim by Lindex jeans | Ryłko boots.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today's very lengthy January recap and the snowy photo flood. I don't know what I'm going to share with you in my next post but I'm thinking about a fresh outfit maybe or a Japan Candy Box review because I was happy enough to win one and it's the coolest thing ever, definitely worth sharing with you guys! So see you next time!

ps. A little reminder for you - every link in my posts always opens in a new window when you left-click it so you don't need the right-click to open them.