Pre-spring recap

Hello, April! Time really flies like a sizzling arrow, bigger half of all the snow has finally melted and entire squads of early spring flowers are thrivingly lifting their tiny green heads. It really feels and smells like actual springtime now. And it's obviously the very rearmost time to treat you readers and viewers with a nostalgically snowy bunch of photos dating back to the period between February 20 and March 13.

So I have created four vivid groups for you: an outfit and a mini haul from March 12, February and March bits and pieces around our house, countryside snaps and for the very first time phone photos (because I could use a pretty cool Nokia Lumia 735 for a couple of weeks).

But let's begin with our March 12 trip to Viljandi, one of our favourite (shopping) destinations in Estonia. My mini haul from Viljandi includes:
1. A thrifted black belt with golden dogs, cats and elephants - cost 1€;
2. The cutest khaki green Caterpillar jacket for spring and summer - cost only 6.95€, is truly cosy and those happy stripes won my heart already from the distance;
3. A lovely (metal) welcome sign for our nest - cost 2.65€ and comes from the same store as my Caterpillar jacket. This store sells all possible remains from bankrupt shops and often contains some absolute gems. One of my favourite stores in Estonia for sure!

By the way, my outfit of the day includes one more recent newcomer. It's the brass necklace with rock crystal, amethyst and pink quartz pendants. I bought it from Marili (link), a fellow blogger who makes semi precious stone jewellery and sells those beautiful pieces in her little online store here.

My semi precious stone jewellery collection also holds an agate bracelet (link), zircon earrings (link), turquoise bracelet and probably even more... I should check my older jewellery and clarify the situation. All in all I think I can say I have faith in those stones. But what do you guys think about semi precious stones? Do you own any? Which ones?

Emporio Armani sunnies | Story Telling jewellery necklace | Guess scarf | thrifted MAX&Co. top | thrifted Stile Benetton jacket | FB Sister pants | thrifted belt | Sempre boots.

Anyway, let's move on with the photos now. The extremely snowy group dates back to February 20 and March 13 which were a couple of wilderness days, one for the humans and the other for the whole family. Our brave little fur ball had just regained his health after long weeks of severe inflammation and countless injections. He really missed a proper playtime in the snow and of course we gladly gave him that.

My third group (3.1.-3.4.) contains a few bits and pieces around our house and the fourth one (4.1.-4.6.) is my very first attempt to present you some phone photos. Because I still don't have an Instagram account [insert tumbleweed emoticon here]. I took those last snaps with a Nokia Lumia 735 (link) which I could use while my own modest Lumia 530 (link) was getting some warranty repairs. I really liked the replacement phone, especially its camera and overall handiness but unfortunately (or fortunately?) they don't sell it in my country any more and therefore my puppy love faded a little.

3.1. A thrifted Ikea photo frame (1€), one of my orchids (27.02) and a couple of young peppers and cherry tomatoes (06.03);
3.2. Our sweet sleepyhead (21.02);
3.3. Another blooming beauty (27.02);
3.4. My main sowing day (06.03).

4.1. A very rare thing - me taking a selfie (05.03) and a very ordinary Elvis (07.03);
4.2.-4.3. Women's Day tulips;
4.4. Story Telling jewellery necklace;
4.5. Fresh seeds: chamomile, dwarf French beans Contender and Sonesta, sweet pepper Gourmet and tomato Promyk;
4.6. A mascarpone cake on the left and my men on the right (12.03). 

So I hope you guys enjoyed my small capacious recap. I'm going to make another one as soon as I empty my camera again and assort all the photos I've taken after March 13. For the time being I'm probably counting those 8 or 9 days until our vacation and at the same time working, planning my birthday, attending another training course in the capital town and of course occasionally pampering my dear plants. So I guess I'll see you in the next post, probably at some time after we're back from Spain. Bye for now!