Kolga Manor and Juminda Peninsula

Hey, dear readers! First of all I hope you spent wonderful Christmas and of course I want to wish you guys Happy New Year touched with wonder and filled with love! But although it just was Christmas and it's officially winter I'm going to start today's post with a sunny road trip we took on October 1. Because I really feel like there's no point in sharing our actual gloomy foggy depressing December weather with you. But I do have a small selection of more or less up-to-date phone photos waiting for you if you get to the second half of this post!

So, a few words about October 1. Our destination was Juminda Peninsula but before getting there we ran into mysterious Kolga Manor (read more about it here and here). It was founded as a manor already in the 13th century but its current appearance originates from the 1820s when the previous building was completely reconstructed as a stylish Classicist palace. What impressed me the most was the portico with six pillars and the coat of arms of Stenbock family who owned the manor for three centuries. Those mighty pillars remind me of Ancient Roman architecture and our trip to the Palace of Knossos in 2009.

Ray-Ban sunglasses | thrifted scarf | FB Sister jacket | thrifted LAUREN RALPH LAUREN top | thrifted Diesel belt | lefties jeans | thrifted PRO sneakers.

Kolga Manor houses really cool Kolck restaurant (see their stylish home page here) which hungry us of course had to visit. Their duck fillet with mashed potatoes, pickled red cabbage slaw and beetroot was wonderful and we can both say the same about their handmade glazed cheese curd with blueberry jam. We shared one but were clearly longing for more after that delicious bite! And look at their stylish old school tableware!

Anyway, it was a particularly stormy day and we were itching to capture those wild waves. And since my husband found the best angles and caught the best moments I'm sharing some of his photos with you to deliver the right storm vibe. But in addition to boisterous waves on the western shore and on top of the peninsula we also came across utterly calm Hara Bay on the eastern shore. What we missed this time was an abandoned submarine demagnetizing base which we are going to discover the next time we're on the peninsula. Because explorations like these are the best!

But as promised I also have a bunch of mostly (≈92%) phone photos prepared for you - a few from October and more from November and December. But still no Instagram account despite the fact I even have the app ready in my phone! Anyway, this bonus section consists of three collages: let them be yummy life, dog life and life in between. And here come my comments about the photos: yummy life - 1) 6.11.16 My cute Opel mug from a thrift shop in Latvia; 2) 12.11.16 The husband made some delicious maki sushi with salmon, avocado, wakame and cucumber for dinner; 3) 20.11.16 My photogenic Clubhouse burger from good old McDonald's; 4) 9.12.16 A Caesar salad for lunch in Rakvere (this eatery's web page).

dog life - 1) and 2) 2.10.16 The last harvest of 2016 and Elvis the Supervisor; 3) 20.11.16 The husband bought a new toolbox and Elvis supervised again; 4) 6.12.16 Remember this young cutie? Well, he's all grown up now!

life in between - 1) 7.12.16 A really cool Estonian web shop called Pepe (Pepe's home page) sent me their brown bear bookmark. Will show you more in another post; 2) 13.12.16 My winter nails; 3) 21.12.16 My very first and very wonderful handmade premium leather bow-tie from KUMA (KUMA's home page). All thanks to Britta's giveaway in her fierce fashion blog here; 4) 21.12.16 A beautiful Christmas concert in St. Peter's Church in Tartu. Rolf and Saara were fantastic!

So I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and the slight photo overload. I think I worked on it for weeks! By the way, our precious veranda is finally ready but we still must restore a Soviet time cupboard and a very old handmade farmhouse bench. I will definitely share everything in a future blog post. But leave me your thoughts on today's post and see you guys in the next one!