Valentine's Day photoshoot ♥

Hey, guys! I know I promised to share something snowy with you for a change but our little family had an amusing Valentine's Day photoshoot with lovely Pillery on February 11 and of course it's worth sharing in the first place. Plus today the snow is thankfully gone! So I went through as many as 120 cute photographs and picked 62 favourites for printing and putting in our family album and frames and then out of those 62 selected the special ten you can see below.

But how did we end up in the studio of Tartu Art College in the first place? Well, that's very simple – Pillery gave us her gift card for Christmas and since Valentine's Day was approaching next it seemed like the perfect occasion with all the pink and red heart shaped balloons. The three of us prepared that cheerful background and I'm really happy with the outcome! If you want to learn more about Pillery's Photography, visit her artistic home page here, Facebook page here and Instagram account here. By the way, she also shoots underwater and you can see those unusual galleries through her impressive portfolio here.

But I also have a special bonus prepared for you today - a selection of priceless, never before seen photos from the last three months of year 2008 when our relationship had just started and I didn't have a blog yet. I didn't even change those old school editing masterpieces I had created back then and actually I believe they're not the worst ones out there. Anyway, all the photos below were taken in 2008 from October to December during our first months together when he was 19 and I was 22.

We moved together on January 16 in 2010 (see my blog post in Estonian here) and adopted Elvis three months later on April 16 (blog post in Estonian here). We got engaged in 2012 and married on September 5 in 2015 (see my stories about it here) so we've been together for nearly 8,5 years! It hasn't always been an easy journey but I believe everything happens for a reason and pulling through together makes us only stronger. I think you know you're with the right person when this person is your rock during the toughest times of your life but you also want to spend your happiest moments with that person and feel incomplete without him.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today's slightly expired Valentine's post and I'm looking forward to your thoughts on it! I'm not sure if my next post will be a snowy one or not, I'm going to think about it! By the way, my gardening adventures have started again and this year I have some pretty exotic plant babies in my collection. Will introduce them to you if you're interested! Plus I'm also thinking about an enormous thrift shop haul. So I guess we'll see what it's going to be! Enjoy your last month of winter, guys, and see you in the next post!

ps! A miracle has happened - I'm finally on Instagram! My username is maikenteesalu and I have a serious plan to set this account going so find me and follow me because a cool bonus photo from our Valentine's Day photoshoot is already waiting for you there!


Tenerife dreams - a photo diary

Hello and happy February, my dear readers! Once upon a time... or actually in April 2016 I and the husband travelled to Tenerife - the largest of the seven Canary Islands. In this strongly zoological blog post I wrote about their Loro Parque and here I told you about fascinating Mount Teide. But now that we have pretty much spontaneously booked our next travel destinations next to the wonderful turquoise blue Adriatic Sea I really feel like sharing our nostalgic and dreamy Tenerife photo diary with you. Therefore I have compiled three groups of photos: in the first bunch snaps from our hotel in Costa Adeje, secondly quite a few lovely moments mostly captured during our endless walks, and thirdly, of course, a colourful and delicious selection of what we ate!

So we stayed at H10 Costa Adeje Palace (link) and absolutely loved our hotel and its Privilege package system. If you're interested you can read more about the package here but some of our personal favourite privileges were the exclusive Privilege lounge with unlimited cold beer and compelling potato chips, chill-out area with spectacular sea view and sun lounger service (plus yummy cocktails!) and incredible Sakura Teppanyaki restaurant where dishes were made to order on the show cooking griddles. Also, be aware of the fact I seriously wanted to cry when we had to leave our hotel...

Anyway, as I already mentioned we walked quite a lot - according to my simple pedometer our result was about 75 kilometres/101612 steps/2506 calories. But we're already ambitiously planning to outdo it during our exciting Balkans trip in May. So, here come some of the cool places we visited in the process of our adventures on the colourful streets of Tenerife: Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos, Siam Mall (link) and Garden Center Playa Fañabé (link). What we unfortunately missed this time was the 2.2 km Camino de la Virgen hiking trail we noticed just before leaving. But no worries, the husband said we're going to discover this trail the next time we're visiting Tenerife.

And finally our food stories. We had breakfast at our hotel's El Jable buffet restaurant and for dinner we had three different options inside the hotel: El Jable (buffet) restaurant (collage 1), La Tosca à la carte restaurant (collage 2) and Sakura Teppanyaki Asian restaurant (collage 3). Sakura Teppanyaki served the coolest six course dinner where all six dishes were made to order on the show cooking griddles. We had miso and tofu soup, selection of sushi, salmon and stir-fried vegetables with soy sauce, furutsu sorbet, beef roll with mushrooms and egg-fried rice and ice cream flambé and we both absolutely loved the experience!

We also visited Burger King for the first time and had our first Whoppers there. Our verdict - we would eat them again! And another local restaurant we put to the test was Torito Grill (link) which we also really enjoyed. Their service was flawless and the husband loved those icy complimentary drinks!

So I hope you enjoyed today's enormous photo diary and my observations and thoughts. I'm curious - do you guys travel? If yes then what's your next destination and which one was your last destination? Let me know your thoughts and see you in the next post which will probably be slightly snowy for a change!